Ethics workshop

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    4 hours
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    to be announced
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Of course, you are already doing your job with the best intentions. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to determine what ‘the best’ means in practice. This workshop offers tools to help you deal with ethical dilemmas in the investment world. After completing the workshop, you will meet the ESMA requirements on ethics.

Target audience

The Ethics workshop is developed for employees of financial institutions who inform or advise clients about investment solutions.

Education level

The workshop requires experience in and knowledge of securities.


  • Becoming aware of your ethical biases
  • Gaining knowledge about ethical principles
  • Learning to recognize ethical dilemmas
  • Learning how to effectively deal with these dilemmas


  • E-learning to prepare on the basis of CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
  • Interactive workshop in small groups of 9-16 participants, focusing on cases and own dilemmas
  • Certificate
  • Open registration and in-company tailoring possible

Study duration

Going through the preparatory e-learning takes an average of one hour. The workshop takes three hours.

What our students say

”The format of the workshop was good. The instructor was knowledgeable and a good talker and host. During the workshop there was a lot of room for interaction and discussing the different cases. Overall, it was an educational day!”


We have not determined new starting dates for 2021 yet. Are you interested in following our Ethics workshop? Please contact us for more information.

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