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In March 2021, the first requirements of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) came into effect. The aim of this comprehensive set of rules? To improve transparency in the market for sustainable investment products and to help investors make informed choices.

The SFDR imposes many complex disclosure requirements on financial market participants. What is the difference between Article 8 and Article 9 products and what does light green and dark green mean? What does the term PAI refer to? And to what extent can investors trust that the information they receive is accurate?

In this course, we introduce you to the SFDR. Upon completion, you will understand the context in which this regulation was developed and you will be familiar with the requirements that apply to your organisation.

Target audience

From investment firms to pension funds: many financial organisations fall within the broad scope of the SFDR. Given the large impact, knowledge of the SFDR and its key concepts and obligations is important for all professionals working at financial market participants.

For investors who want to contribute to a sustainable future, it is important to fully understand the purpose, obligations and concepts of the SFDR. In your selection process, you will come across investments with appealing claims for sustainability. The SFDR helps you make good choices in this area.

Education level

This e-learning is a course at HBO (higher vocational education) level. We assume that participants already have some prior knowledge of the financial sector.

This training is developed to complement our ESG Awareness training, which only briefly covers SFDR.


This e-learning teaches you the outlines and context of the SFDR. Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Outline the ESG developments within the European Union that form the basis for the SFDR;
  • Describe the purpose, structure, scope and monitoring of compliance with the SFDR;
  • Distinguish key concepts from the SFDR such as sustainable investment, sustainability factors and sustainability risks;
  • Name the disclosure requirements deriving from the SFDR;
  • Describe what Principal Adverse Impacts (PAIs) are and how financial organisations should deal with them;
  • Describe classification and disclosure obligations at the product level;
  • Outline other ESG-related regulations.

Course content

Baseline measurement

This awareness training starts with a baseline measurement to determine whether you can go straight to the test or better study the theory first.


  • Context of the SFDR: including Sustainable Development Goals, United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, EU course of action regarding ESG, European Commission action plan, Regulation taxonomy/classification system sustainability and platform for sustainable finance.
  • Introduction into the SFDR: purpose, legal framework, technical standards, level II, scope, compliance monitoring and key concepts.
  • Disclosure requirements: entity-level disclosure requirements, integration of sustainability risks in investment policy, negative sustainability impacts, product-level disclosure requirements and Taxonomy Regulation and SFDR.
  • Other rules and initiatives: including integration of ESG considerations in delegated regulation, Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD), Pensions Act, Shareholder Engagement Directive, the IMVB for pension funds and the IMVO Covenant.


You can complete this course with a test in the learning environment. You can also take resits in the learning environment.


After passing the test, you can download your personal SFDR Awareness certificate from the learning environment.

Study load

The SFDR Awareness training can be completed via our online learning environment, wherever and whenever it suits you. The training takes between one and two hours to finish, depending on your prior knowledge about the subject.

Monitoring study progress

In our online learning environment, employers can view and export individual study progress via a freely accessible dashboard. This provides you with an overview of the student, course and content statistics for all courses taken within your organisation. Please ask for details during the enrolment process.

Why this SFDR Awareness training?

  • Direct insight into the SFDR and the relevant rules for your organisation
  • Developed by ESG specialists of Projective Group
  • Flexible learning where and when it suits you, via our online learning environment or app
  • Baseline measurement at the beginning of the program, so you know exactly which material you should study and which parts you can skip

Personal advice

Interested in a hands-on training course that your employees will enjoy? Please feel free to contact us for more information about the possibilities.


Do you offer tailor-made courses?

We think our courses should have practical relevance for all participants. We are happy to adapt our standard programs, so that they fit in with what is going on in your organization. You can personalize content or create a combination of subjects from different DSI programs. Read more about tour tailor-made solutions.

How can I follow the courses?

Our courses are easily accessible, both online and through the app of aNewSpring. You can study wherever and whenever you want.

Wealso offer ‘blended learning’ programs, in which we combine the benefits of in-class and online learning.

How can I sign up for a course?

The Ministry of Compliance distinguishes between individual registrations and registrations on behalf of an organization. As an individual, you can sign up through the website. Just click the ‘register’ button and you can get started right away.

Organizations that want to register several employees at once can get in touch with us. We will make sure your employees can get started as soon as possible.

What about reporting?

Demonstrable professional competence requires good reporting. That is why you can easily create and export reports within our online learning environment via a free accessible dashboard. As an individual participant you can keep track of your own progress. As an organization you can also appoint a contact person who has insight into the progress reports of the entire group of participants.

Who is behind The Ministry of Compliance?

The Ministry of Compliance is an initiative of Projective Group, specialists in financial laws and regulations. Our courses are developed by experienced consultants, supplemented with knowledge from external experts.


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