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Why a Privacy Statement?


This document provides an overview of the main measures The Ministry of Compliance has taken to guarantee the privacy of its clients and the confidentiality of the data provided. In the legal context, confidential handling of data, in particular personal data, is of great importance. The Ministry recognizes this importance and does its utmost to guarantee confidentiality and privacy. By means of this Privacy Statement, we wish to provide you with clarity about the way in which we handle your data. This Privacy Statement concerns personal data of visitors to The Ministry’s website and of The Ministry’s subscribers. When you use our products and services we, The Ministry, may collect information from and about you. This occurs if you provide us with information when you subscribe to The Ministry, if you use our (mobile) website or if you contact us by telephone or email. In these cases, you are the data subject, as it is called in privacy law terms, and we are the responsible party.




Who are we (who is responsible)?

The Ministry of Compliance
Krijn Taconiskade 422
1087 HW Amsterdam

We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 69037555.

Do you want to get in touch with The Ministry? Please call +31 20 416 54 03 or send an email to


What data do we collect?

Not all data we collect is personal information, but we think it is important that you understand what data we may collect.

Below you can find an overview of what information we may collect. If you take multiple actions at the same time, for example, if you create a subscription and use The Ministry’s (mobile) website, we will collect all data mentioned in those actions. This may result in a profile of different data or preferences.

You can choose not to fill in certain data. You only need to fill in the details we ask for that are marked with an * or that are compulsory in order to use our products and services. Through the browser settings or the settings on your mobile device (e.g. phone or tablet), you can determine which data is shared with us.

An overview of the data we may collect from you:

  • When you create an account yourself or when an administrator creates an account on your behalf on a (mobile) website, this involves processing the personal data that you yourself or the administrator on your behalf provide us with/to which you have given us access when creating the account; such as your email address and (user)name.
  • When using our (mobile) websites: information is processed about your use of those (mobile) websites, such as the visited website pages and how long you view them, the number of times you visit The Ministry of Compliance and search terms you have entered. It is also possible that you share your browser settings with us.
  • If you contact us by phone or email, it is possible that we will process the information you give us, such as your name and contact details, together with your question or complaint.


Wat do we do with this data?

We collect your personal data for the following purposes:

  • In order to improve our products and services and base them on data analyses (e.g. by adapting them to your needs). The data of users of The Ministry website or of The Ministry’s services, are generally collected and analyzed anonymously. However, it is possible that we receive reports of the analysis of data in a way that does involve personal data. We strive to prevent this.
  • The data entered by you as a subscriber or by an administrator on your behalf will also be used to send you news updates.
  • Any information you share with us by phone or email will be used to process and resolve any questions or complaints you may have.


How do we secure this data?

We have taken measures to guarantee confidentiality and privacy. For example, The Ministry uses security protocols (including ‘secure socket layer’) that guarantee the confidentiality of communications between subscribers and The Ministry. The Ministry strives to guarantee the confidentiality of communications with its services through the correct use of these protocols. Data is also securely stored via a hosting provider that has taken the necessary measures to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of data. In addition, personal data and statistical data relating to The Ministry’s use will not be provided to third parties, unless, for example, they are provided in execution of the agreement (including hosting activities and invoicing, among other things) or in case of a legally valid injunction issued by a judicial authority.


How long do we keep this data?

As long as you use The Ministry, we will keep your data for you. As soon as you cancel your subscription, your usage data will be deleted. We will keep your data for two years after the subscription is terminated. Longer storage of the data is only permitted if the personal data is necessary to comply with a statutory retention obligation.


Do you have questions or comments about our use of the data (rights of the data subject)?

This privacy statement is about your data. Therefore, you exert an influence on what we are allowed to do with your data. You have the right to inspect, rectificate, delete, or restrict our use of your data. In some cases, you can object to the use of your data or transfer your data.

This means that you can ask us what personal data we process (you can find our contact details above). You also have the right to correct or delete your data. For the most part, you can manage this yourself via your account and the settings of your browser or mobile device. If we have asked permission to use your data, you can always revoke this permission. This does not affect the use of your data prior to the withdrawal of your consent. You also have a right to object to the use of your data for direct marketing purposes. You can also ask us to provide your data to you or another party in a machine-readable and interoperable format.

If you wish to exercise certain rights, we look forward to hearing from you. You can contact us at the contact details above. If you feel that we are not handling your information in compliance with the law, please contact us or if that does not help, file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


Do we share data with others?

Yes, we do share data with other parties. Because we are not a software company, we have to use the services of a New Spring to offer our online trainings and courses. According to the letter of the law, we share your data with these parties when using their services. These parties work on our instructions.

In this context, personal data may also be passed on to parties in countries outside the European Economic Area. If we do this, we will take measures to ensure that your details are protected as well as possible.


Changes to this privacy statement

Everything in life is subject to change. So is our privacy statement. You can tell by the date below if this is the version you have read before.

Version: 22 july 2020



Cookies are small, simple text files that we place on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit our website. These cookies record information about your website visit. On your next visit with the same device, the information in this text file will be consulted so that we are able to recognize you.

You can configure your browser so that cookies cannot be placed on your computer. After that, it is still possible to access The Ministry’s home page. However, you cannot log in without allowing cookies to be placed on your computer. Cookies are used to determine whether you are logged in to The Ministry, and whether your session is still valid. Cookies are also used to improve usage of the website.

The information stored in the cookies is only used by The Ministry and the parties who provide us with services based on the cookies. These parties are mentioned in the Privacy Statement. Of course, data will not be shared with third parties without your permission.

Here we provide an overview of the cookies that are used on The Ministry’s website.

Name script/ cookie Technology Description
Google Analytics Cookie Cookie for the collection of statistics.
Sessie cookie login Cookie Cookie that helps you remain logged in.
Settings Cookie Cookie for saving the most recent (temporary) settings.



If you have any questions about this document, or about your data (request for access, modification or deletion of data), you can ask them by email via

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