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The Ministry of Compliance provides both DSI-accredited programs and other courses in the field of compliance and risk management. 

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What is The Ministry?

The Ministry of Compliance is here for financial organizations and professionals who want to keep their knowledge up to date and develop themselves within their field. Our courses are in line with your daily practice, consisting of up-to-date teaching material offered in an attractive online learning environment. Because learning should be fun, even when it’s compulsory.

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Frequently asked questions

What is The Ministry of Compliance?

The Ministry of Compliance is here for finance professionals who want to stay informed about the latest developments and requirements in their field. Our offering does not only exist of DSI-accredited programs, designed to keep your certification up-to-date, but also extends to other trainings in the field of compliance and risk management.

Who is The Ministry of Compliance for?

The Ministry of Compliance is here for all finance professionals. DSI-certified professionals can keep their certification up to date with our programs. If you are subject to MiFID – the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive – but are not certified by DSI, we can help you stay informed about the latest developments in your field.

Besides that, we offer awareness trainings about various subjects, such as Wwft, Cyber Security and ESG. These e-learnings are suitable for a larger audience.

Who is behind The Ministry of Compliance?

The Ministry of Compliance is an initiative of Charco & Dique, specialists in financial legislation and regulations. For finance professionals, by finance professionals.

How can I sign up?

The Ministry of Compliance distinguishes between individual registrations and registrations on behalf of an organization. As an individual, you can sign up through the website. You can get started right after registering. Organizations that want to register several employees at once can get in touch with us. Together we will determine the best training package for your organization.

How to follow the courses?

Our courses are easily accessible, both online and through the app of aNewSpring. You can study wherever and whenever you want.

In the near future, we will also offer blended learning programs. This way, we will combine the benefits of in-class and online learning.

Do you offer tailor-made programs?

We believe that our programs should have practical relevance for all participants. We are happy to adapt our standard programs, so that they are in line with your organization’s daily practice. You can personalize content or make a combination of subjects from different courses. Read more about the possibilities for tailor-made courses.

What is the average study duration?

The average study duration for the DSI courses is 20 minutes per subject. The total study load per year will be between 3 and 6 hours, depending on the certification.

The awareness e-learnings will take about one or two hours to finish, depending on your familiarity with the topic.

What about reports?

Meeting the DSI-standards requires good reporting. That’s why you can easily create and export reports within our online learning environment. As an individual participant you can keep track of your own progress. As an organization you also have the option to appoint a contact person, who can keep track of the progress of the entire group of participants.

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