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This Deficiency Module closes the gap between the Institutional Information Provider and Investment Advisor exams by covering the topics that are in the requirements for Advisor and not in those for Information Provider. Upon completion of this course, along with a diploma for Information Provider Institutional, you will meet one of the admission requirements for the DSI certification DSI Institutional Investment Advisor.

The exam of this course is accredited by DSI. That means that the exam meets the qualifications formulated by DSI and gives access to a DSI certification.

Education level

This is a program at HBO (higher vocational education) level. Prior knowledge of the DSI Institutional Information Provider certification is required for this deficiency module.


  • Comply with the ESMA guidelines on knowledge and professional competence that are not covered by Institutional Information Provider
  • Gain knowledge directly applicable in your daily practice

Set-up and examination


The focus of this course is on translating theory into advisory practice.

  • Strategic investment policy
  • Implementation of investment policy
  • Monitoring, evaluation and adjustment
  • Duty of care and integrity

Practice questions

For each topic cluster, the course offers practice questions. This allows you to test what you know about the topics. The practice questions are not representative of the exam. The questions in the practice exam are.


The MemoTrainer was created with Ebbinghaus’ theory in mind. He claimed that repetition was the secret to memorisation and created a scheme that would ensure that knowledge was stored in long-term memory. This is what the MemoTrainer is based on.

Review exercises are generated daily via MemoTraining for each participant individually. The questions you answer incorrectly return more often than those you answer correctly. Their progress is visible under Retention.

You can choose the days you want to practice, whether you receive a reminder in your mailbox and the maximum number of questions you want to receive per MemoTraining.

The MemoTrainer contains the practice questions you find with each block and the questions from the practice exam. As soon as you have completed a series of practice questions or the practice exam, these questions will be added to the MemoTrainer and you can start repeating them.


You will complete this training with an exam at one of Lamark’s testing centers. The first exam is included in the price of this course. You will find a voucher and instructions in the learning environment. You can book re-exams directly from the learning environment. You pay for these separately.

In the learning environment you will find a practice exam that gives you a good impression of the real exam.


If you pass the exam, you will receive a diploma for this course. With this, together with a diploma for DSI Institutional Information Provider, you will meet one of the admission requirements for the DSI certification Investment Advisor.


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