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Are you new to the world of finance, for example because you are transitioning from another sector? And do abbreviations such as AFM, ESMA, UCITS, CDD and MiFID not yet ring a bell? This e-learning will guide you through the financial world.

Companies that are active in the financial services industry enable the transfer of assets, for example through payments and loans. They also offer products and services that allow you to either hedge or take on risk. What financial products, instruments and services exist? Which laws and regulations must financial institutions comply with? And how is the supervision of these institutions organised? After completing this e-learning you will be able to answer all of these questions.

Target group

The Financial World in a Nutshell e-learning is developed for all professionals who are new to the financial sector or who are making the transition to another part of the sector. If you want to know how your function fits into the whole, or if you want to gain more general knowledge of the sector from your specialty, this e-learning is suitable for you too.

Education level

This is a course at the HBO (higher vocational education)-level. No special prior knowledge of the financial sector or services is required.


During this e-learning you get a bird’s eye view of the financial world and learn all the basic concepts. You will gain insight into the role and operation of the financial markets and learn how the supervision of Dutch financial institutions is arranged. You will also learn about the organisation of the banking, payments, insurance, pensions and securities markets, and describe financial products and services. After completing the e-learning, you know how the integrity of financial markets is monitored and you can describe the most important laws: from the Wft and MiFID to the legislation regarding the duty of care and the provision of information. Finally, you will learn about the important role ESG plays for the financial sector.


Baseline measurement

Each subject starts with a baseline measurement, which helps you determine how much you already know about the subject and what to study before taking the test. The questions in the baseline measurement are representative for the test questions.


1.         Introduction
2.         Supervision and regulation
3.         Financial services and parties
4.         Duty of care and disclosure
5.         Integrity of financial markets
6.         ESG and the financial sector

Test Financial World in a Nutshell

You can complete this course by taking a test in the learning environment. The test consists of 12 questions, 9 of which you will have to answer correctly to pass. You can also take a resit in the learning environment.

Certificate Financial World in a Nutshell

If you pass the test, you can download the certificate from the learning environment.

Study duration

The ‘Financial World in a Nutshell’ course can be followed in our online learning environment, wherever and whenever it suits you. The e-learning takes on between four and eight hours to complete, depending on your previous knowledge of the financial sector.

Monitoring progress

In our online learning environment, employers can view and export the progress of individual participants via a free accessible dashboard. This gives you an overview of the participant, course and content statistics of all courses taken within your organisation. If you want access to a monitoring dashboard, you can indicate this during the quotation process.


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Why the Financial World in a Nutshell e-learning?

  • Get to know the financial world and become familiar with the most important terms
  • Developed by specialists from Projective Group
  • Flexible learning where and when it suits you, in our online learning environment or app
  • Baseline measurement at the beginning of each subject, so you know exactly which material you need to go through before taking the test
  • Practical learning material supplemented with practical examples and underlying documents

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Do you offer tailor-made courses?

We think our courses should have practical relevance for all participants. We are happy to adapt our standard programs, so that they fit in with what is going on in your organization. You can personalize content or create a combination of subjects from different DSI programs. Read more about tour tailor-made solutions.

How can I follow the courses?

Our courses are easily accessible, both online and through the app of aNewSpring. You can study wherever and whenever you want.

Wealso offer ‘blended learning’ programs, in which we combine the benefits of in-class and online learning.

How can I sign up for a course?

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What about reporting?

Demonstrable professional competence requires good reporting. That is why you can easily create and export reports within our online learning environment via a free accessible dashboard. As an individual participant you can keep track of your own progress. As an organization you can also appoint a contact person who has insight into the progress reports of the entire group of participants.

Who is behind The Ministry of Compliance?

The Ministry of Compliance is an initiative of Projective Group, specialists in financial laws and regulations. Our courses are developed by experienced consultants, supplemented with knowledge from external experts.


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