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The AVG (GDPR) Awareness training provides a clear overview of the privacy legislation. After completion, you will know how to manage personal data, data leaks and the rights of data subjects in practice.

The AVG (GDPR) has been in force since May 2018. Since then, the privacy legislation has been in the news regularly. What rights do data subjects have and what should you take into account when processing data? The AVG Awareness training helps you refresh your knowledge. After completing the e-learning, you will know how apply the privacy rules to your organisation.

Target audience

The AVG Awareness training is relevant for all professionals who are dealing with the processing of personal data and the application of privacy rules within their organisation.

Education level

The AVG/GDPR Awareness e-learning is a course at HBO (higher vocational education) level. Specific prior knowledge is not required.

The e-learning provides a clear and comprehensive overview of the requirements deriving from the AVG.


The AVG Awareness e-learning will guide you through the AVG/GDPR. The training gives a clear overview of the privacy laws and regulations. In addition, the e-learning offers practical tools that help you deal with personal data, data leaks and the rights of data subjects in daily practice. After completion, you will recognise a data leak and know how to deal with it. You will also be able to explain which rights data subjects have and which obligations apply to you as a data processor.

Course content

Baseline measurement

The training starts with a baseline measurement to determine whether you can take the test immediately or whether it is best to study the theory first.


  1. Privacy laws and regulations
  2. Personal data
  3. Data leaks
  4. Rights of the data subject
  5. AVG consequences
  6. Conclusion

Test AVG Awareness

You will complete this course with a test in the learning environment. You can also take resits in the learning environment.

Certificate AVG Awareness

After passing the test, you can download your personal certificate from the learning environment.

Study duration

You can follow this Awareness training in our online learning environment, wherever and whenever it suits you. The training takes between one and two hours to finish, depending on your prior knowledge about the subject.


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What do our participants say?

”Great training, closely in line with day-to-day practice. The training gives a clear overview of the GDPR and the important focus points.”

”I think that this is a good awareness course delivered in a structured way. I really found it useful when reference is made to case law.”

”The implications of the AVG were explained very concise and insightfully. The baseline measurement was useful to first gauge what I did or did not remember from previous information sessions prior to the e-learning. In short, good update!”

‘’The theory included a lot of relevant examples and good practice test questions. The interface was clear and simple.’’

”Useful and practical, I enjoyed following the course. As far as I am concerned the course is complete in terms of material and provides good practical examples.”

”Clear overview of all requirements from the AVG. Clear and to the point.”

”I really liked the method of teaching. Short pieces of text/theory accompanied by some questions and feedback.”

Why this AVG Awareness training?

  • Clear overview of the privacy rules and the application in practice
  • Developed by Projective Group’s privacy consultants
  • Learn whenever and wherever you want in our online learning environment
  • Baseline measurement at the beginning of each subject, so you know exactly which subjects to study
  • Pragmatic theory complemented with applicable examples, news articles and podcasts

Personal advice

Interested in a hands-on training course that your employees will enjoy? Please feel free to contact us for more information about the possibilities.


Do you offer tailor-made courses?

We think our courses should have practical relevance for all participants. We are happy to adapt our standard programs, so that they fit in with what is going on in your organization. You can personalize content or create a combination of subjects from different DSI programs. Read more about tour tailor-made solutions.

How can I follow the courses?

Our courses are easily accessible, both online and through the app of aNewSpring. You can study wherever and whenever you want.

Wealso offer ‘blended learning’ programs, in which we combine the benefits of in-class and online learning.

How can I sign up for a course?

The Ministry of Compliance distinguishes between individual registrations and registrations on behalf of an organization. As an individual, you can sign up through the website. Just click the ‘register’ button and you can get started right away.

Organizations that want to register several employees at once can get in touch with us. We will make sure your employees can get started as soon as possible.

Who is behind The Ministry of Compliance?

The Ministry of Compliance is an initiative of Projective Group, specialists in financial laws and regulations. Our courses are developed by experienced consultants, supplemented with knowledge from external experts.


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