DSI PE-programs

As an investment professional, you can apply for a certification at DSI. A DSI certification proves that you are up to date on the latest developments in the field of integrity, knowledge and professional expertise, while ensuring that you are ESMA compliant.

There are a total of ten DSI-registers for which professionals can apply for certification. The Ministry of Compliance is the only training institute in the market to offer Permanent Education (PE)-programmes for all registers, both in English and Dutch.

Continuing Professional Education Programme

A DSI certification stands for life-long competency. That means that, as a certified investment professional, you must prove that you keep up with the developments in your field on an annual basis. Financial sector regulations also have strict requirements for your competency. Successfully completing a DSI-accredited Continuing Professional Education Program is a way for you as a certified professional to prove that you have met all of the requirements. The Ministry of Compliance is one of the training institutes accredited by DSI to offer these PE-programmes.

Personal advice

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