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On 1 July 2023, the Future Pensions Act (Wet toekomst pensioenen, Wtp) entered into force after 15 years of preparation. The social partners and politicians finally agreed on the design of the new system.

The current system was in danger of becoming unaffordable, mainly due to demographic trends and low interest rates. In addition, the current pension system redistributes wealth: older people benefit relatively more and younger people pay relatively more.

In addition, the current system was designed at a time when people stayed with one employer for a long time. Today’s labour market is very different, so the system no longer fits today’s dynamics.

The new Wtp will solve these bottlenecks (for the most part).

With this awareness e-learning we introduce you to the Wtp. We will discuss the characteristics of this law, how the law should be implemented and what incorporation means, the various forms of contract and how investment is shaped under the law.

Target group

A relatively small group of employees at pension funds and pension administrators are working hard to implement the Act. However, a good overview of what this law entails is also important for other employees in the sector. This training is aimed at this group. In addition, the Wtp Awareness is interesting for anyone who wants to have a good overview of this law in a limited amount of time.

Prior knowledge

This is a training course at HBO level. There are no specific prerequisites for this training. However, we do assume that you have general knowledge of pensions and investing. To refresh this knowledge, the course has several appendices.



This e-learning teaches you the main features of the Wtp. Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Describe the main features of the new system and how it differs from the old system;
  • Outline the timetable for implementation;  
  • Describe the contract forms under the Wtp and identify the differences between SPR and FPR;  
  • Describe the role of risk appetite in the Wtp and explain how it is determined;
  • Describe how the survivor’s pension is regulated in the Wtp;
  • Explain how age-related investment works in the Wtp;
  • Describe the basic structure of the administration of the SPR and FPR and the difference between them;
  • Define ‘invaren’, explain how invaren works in principle and the role of data quality and compensation in invaren. 

This e-learning teaches you the main features of the Wtp.

Course content

Baseline measurement

This awareness training starts with a baseline measurement to determine whether you can go straight to the test or better study the theory first.


  • Wet toezicht pensioenen: characteristics and timetable
  • Contractual forms: the solidarity-based and flexible of pension schemes
  • Risk appetite: importance and determination of participants’ risk appetite
  • Survivor’s pension: characteristics
  • Investing under the Wtp: implicit and explicit life cycles and asset management structure of the SPR and FPR
  • Recovery: process, data quality and compensation for disadvantaged participants
  • Communication with participants: communication plan and choice guidance 


You can complete this course with a test in the learning environment. You can also take resits in the learning environment.


After passing the test, you can download your personal Wtp Awareness certificate from the learning environment.

Study duration

The Wtp Awareness training can be completed via our online learning environment, wherever and whenever it suits you. The e-learning course takes an average of two to three hours to complete, depending on your prior knowledge.

Monitoring study progress

In our online learning environment, employers can view and export individual learner progress via a freely accessible dashboard. This provides you with an overview of the learner, course and content statistics for all courses taken within your organisation. Please ask for details during the enrolment process.


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Why this Wtp Training?

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  • Developed by Projective Group specialists
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