Qualified Compliance Officer training

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    9 months
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    October 2024
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    EN, NL

A practical training course that prepares professionals in a few months for a position as Compliance Officer. No ‘one size fits all’ approach, but sufficient attention for your specific knowledge and experience and the environment in which you work. That’s what this course wants to offer you.

Focused on your working environment

In practice, Compliance Officers’ tasks are often similar, but the context in which they do their work varies from organisation to organisation. The backgrounds of professionals entering the compliance function are also diverse. This training takes these differences into account as much as possible.

Learn what you want to learn

We only want to teach you what is relevant to you. That is why we take your background, experience and knowledge into account as much as possible. We provide you with information that is relevant to the environment in which you work and the knowledge and experience you already have.

Target group

This course is suitable for professionals who (are going to) fill the role of Compliance Officer at companies within the financial sector, such as banks, investment firms and institutions, stock market companies, pension funds, trust offices or insurance companies. It is important to have a working environment in which you can carry out the practical assignments of the course.

Education level

This is an HBO (Higher Vocational Education) level course. The training is suitable for professionals with different backgrounds and experience. Relevant (prior) knowledge of laws and regulations is not required.

If the group consists of a mix of English and Dutch-speaking participants, English will be spoken during the plenary sessions. The theory will be available in Dutch and English. You can choose to do the exercises in Dutch or English.


This course prepares you for the role of Compliance Officer. The programme focuses on the ‘compliance cycle’ and the tasks you need to be able to perform as a compliance officer. The assignments measure your ability to do this.

Set up and examination

For each step in the compliance cycle, you will perform one or more tasks. In this way, you learn to perform all the tasks for which you are responsible as a compliance officer.

Each module starts with a one-hour online plenary session where the trainer introduces the module and discusses the assignment for that module. You will then have one month to complete the assignment, applying it to your specific working environment. You will be supported by your personal mentor, a Projective Group consultant, who will act as your sparring partner and advisor.

After the assignment has been submitted, another plenary meeting takes place. Common learning points, pitfalls and best practices will be discussed. After this meeting, you will have the opportunity to further refine the details of your assignment before submitting the final version. The final versions of the assignments are collected in a portfolio and together they form the final assessment.


  1. Kick-off
  2. Compliance function within the organisation
  3. Relevant laws and regulations
  4. Getting to know the business
  5. Identifying compliance risks
  6. Promoting an ethical corporate culture
  7. Monitoring
  8. Reporting

More information on the content of the modules can be found in the brochure for this course.

Diploma: Qualified Compliance Officer (QCO)

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a diploma and may use the title ‘Qualified Compliance Officer’.

Study material and tools

The theory is presented in an engaging online learning environment. All students are assigned a personal mentor to support them throughout the training programme. These mentors are experienced Charco & Dique consultants who act as external compliance officers for various types of companies in the financial sector. The consultants provide you with practical tools, such as sample documents and templates, which they also use in practice.

VR soft skill training

During your training, you will not only learn the theory you need to master as a Compliance Officer. To excel at your job, soft skills are just as important. When learning soft skills, trust is an important driver for success. In difficult circumstances, such as giving negative feedback, it helps to be able to practice in a safe environment.

This is why participants can practice at home with OWNIT’s VR skill training. Using VR goggles, you practice various ‘difficult’ scenarios, such as addressing unwanted behavior and dealing with resistance to new rules. Learn more by watching the video below.


Ruler compliance software

For each step in the compliance cycle, you will complete one or more tasks. To help you, you have access to Regtech tool Ruler. The regulatory framework in Ruler contains the relevant laws and regulations for all types of financial institutions. You can also use Ruler to perform the other steps in the compliance cycle, such as performing risk analysis and creating a monitoring plan.

Already using Ruler compliance software? Then we can offer you a reduced price for the Compliance Officer course. You can indicate this during the registration process.

Study load

The Compliance Officer training takes 9 months. The average study load varies per student, depending on the relevant prior knowledge and experience. You can expect to spend between 6-12 hours per module (not including the lessons).

What do our students say?

Wondering how the first group of participants have experienced our Compliance Officer training? Read more in this blog.


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What our participants say

”I am very satisfied with the training. The training is not only focused on theory, but very practice-oriented and particularly focused on developing skills. The assignments we receive are directly applicable to our own organization. I also like the fact that each subject is tackled by a different professional. The trainers are all experienced professionals. Everyone is enthusiastic and helpful.”

”We are taught to get insight from thorough compliance professionals who share experiences from practice and train the students to independently judge compliance issues. Everything that is discussed and taught has a link to practice. The training allows you to apply the theory in your own professional environment.”

 ‘’The quality of the course is very good. Thorough sessions and excellent guidance. The assignments are very practical. I have been using the assignments to do real work.’’

‘’My experience with the training has been very good. The teaching material is very applicable to my actual work. I use it every day now, as the templates are very useful and the whole compliance cycle was covered. I feel much more comfortable and skillful in my role.’’

Why the Compliance Officer training?

  • We take into account your individual background, experience and knowledge
  • Strong focus on professional skills/soft skills
  • Support by your personal mentor
  • Insight in the legal framework of your organisation, by means of compliance software Ruler
  • Access to practical tools and templates

Starting dates

The next group of participants will start in October 2024.

You can register via the buttons on the right side of your screen. Would you like to enroll several students at once, or do you have questions about the training? Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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