DSI Retail Investment Advisor (ESMA)

  • Category Retail
  • Type Online
  • Lead time 1 year
  • Start date Immediately

This e-learning will help you remain up to date on all subjects prescribed by the ESMA guidelines. The training is designed to meet the requirements set by DSI for the certification ‘Retail Investment Advisor (ESMA)’.

The e-learning consists of:

  • Baseline measurement to determine whether you can take the test immediately or whether it is best to study the theory first;
  • Theory;
  • Test per subject;
  • Evaluation.

Target audience

  • Investment specialists with a DSI certification Retail Investment Advisor (ESMA)
  • Other professionals that want to keep up with the developments in the field of investment solutions

Education level

The DSI Retail Investment Advisor e-learning is a course at HBO (higher vocational education) level. This program helps you maintain your professional competence, as required by DSI. Therefore, we assume that you have the level of education required for the DSI certification to which this program applies.


  • Proven professional competence as required by MiFID II
  • Practically applicable


Study duration

  • One-year subscription, with the possibility of annual renewal
  • New subjects are added throughout the year, about 2 topics per month
  • Study duration per subject: 15 minutes on average

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